GE Appliances 3 Ton 45 BTU 96% AFUE Two-Stage Upflow/Horizontal Flow Gas Furnace

This Gas Furnace Gives Quiet Operation and Durability You Can Trust!

GE appliances are used in 50 percent of U.S. homes. You can have peace of mind knowing the iconic GE brand carries a legacy of quality, reliability, and innovation. This 3-ton gas furnace is tested to last! GE Appliances performed 100,000 cycle tests on the heat exchanger so you can trust your unit will keep you warm even when the forecast is frosty. A 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency unit provides high-efficiency operation day in and day out. The heat exchanger is crimped (not welded) leading to fewer points of failure and helping you avoid unnecessary repairs on costly parts. Best of all this furnace is quiet. From small, efficient burners, to a startup without clicks and whooshes, to an insulated heat exchanger compartment, these units are designed to keep it quiet. No more ugly furnace in the basement! This gas furnace has a beautiful modern design styled to complement your home.


96% AFUE

45 BTUs

2 Stage heat

Quiet Operation

Crimped Heat Exchanger

12-year Warranty


Vent pipe

Condensate drain

Sheet metal transition

Connection to gas and electric

Install labor

Removal and disposal of old equipment


*On-site verification is required to verify equipment sizing, materials, and access to the unit

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