Platinum Humidifier

Effortless Humidity Control!

When the temperature drops outside, the relative humidity level inside your home drops as well. This means the air inside your home has less moisture and can be quite dry. During colder months, the indoor humidity of your home is a significant contributor to the overall comfort of your home. The right amount of humidity helps the air feel warmer. Because humidified air feels warmer, you can set your thermostat lower during the heating season. And that’s not all!
Other benefits of proper humidity in your home?
• Reduced static electricity.
• Less shrinkage of the woodwork around doors, windows, and floors
• Potential savings on your energy bill
The American Standard Platinum Humidifier is designed to fit homes of all ranges. Large or small, this humidifier quietly delivers the right amount of humidity needed for spaces up to 4,200 square feet. It delivers up to 50 percent more moisture than other comparable humidifiers. The flow-through design helps minimize mineral build-up. And maintenance is easy with the quick-access humidifier pad. The Platinum Humidifier resists rust and corrosion. It’s built to last!

Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $792.00.

Quick Features of the Platinum Humidifier
• Designed for homes with up to 4,200 square feet
• Automatically delivers the right amount of humidity as needed
• Delivers up to 50 percent more moisture than comparable humidifiers
• Uses an optimal outdoor sensor to monitor the temperature to maintain correct indoor humidity levels
• So quiet, you’ll barely notice it’s running
• Flow-Through Design helps control mineral buildup, minimizing maintenance
• Resists rust and corrosion
• Quick-access humidifier pad makes maintenance easy

Install includes:
• Sheetmetal ducting
• Electrical wiring
• Waterline
• Humidistat
• Install labor

*On-site verification is required to verify equipment sizing, materials, and access to the unit