Silver Humidifier

Easy the Humidity Settings in a Snap!

The American Standard Silver Humidifier easily lets you control the humidity in your home. Its manual control makes it simple to adjust the humidity settings for your needs. And it so quiet you’ll barely notice it’s running! The American Standard Silver Humidifier is designed for homes up to 3,000 square feet. The flow-through design helps minimize mineral build-up. And maintenance is easy with the quick-access humidifier pad. The Silver Humidifier resists rust and corrosion. It’s built to last!

Original price was: $781.00.Current price is: $651.00.

Quick Features of the Silver Humidifier
• Designed for homes with up to 3,000 square feet
• Bypass design with built-in damper has summer (off) and winter (on) positions
• A manual control allows you to make your own humidity adjustments
• So quiet, you’ll barely notice it’s running
• Flow-Through Design helps control mineral buildup, minimizing maintenance
• Resists rust and corrosion
• Quick-access humidifier pad makes maintenance easy

Install includes:
• Sheetmetal ducting
• Electrical wiring
• Waterline
• Humidistat
• Install labor

*On-site verification is required to verify equipment sizing, materials, and access to the unit