How Much Does New HVAC Increase Home Value?

How Much Does New HVAC Increase Home Value?

Can New HVAC Systems Improve Property Value?



To put it simply, a new HVAC system can most definitely boost your property value. In fact, as a general estimate, experts predict that value increases as high as 10% are possible when this investment is at its prime. 

Of course, as with any investment, there’s a little more to make your money back here than simply taking that yes and running with it. In particular, ensuring that a new HVAC system truly does boost your property value also relies on your thinking hard about – 

  • The cost of your new HVAC system
  • Whether HVAC is a buyer priority in your area 
  • The condition of your existing HVAC system
  • And so on


Maximizing Property Value Increases With Your New HVAC System



Ultimately, how much your new HVAC system increases home value will depend significantly on the system you choose and your reasons for selecting it. Maximizing any potential increase is incredibly reliant on your ability to – 

  • Choose an HVAC system with a high energy-efficiency rating: The higher cost savings possible with a more energy-efficient HVAC system can make this investment a far more appealing option for potential buyers and therefore a far more lucrative option overall. At the very least, it’s worth looking out for a modern HVAC system with at least 14 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). 
  • Select your new HVAC according to your home’s needs: While they might not get into the inner workings of your HVAC, a potential buyer will at least look at your HVAC system and may be put off by a unit that’s too large or small. By ensuring that you also choose an HVAC system based on existing usage and requirements, you make it way more likely that your HVAC unit never needs to become a sales sticking point.
  • Choose the right moment for replacement: Most HVAC systems need replacing every 15-20 years, which should factor in your decision for replacement and knowledge of how close you are to selling. After all, the more recent and modern your new HVAC system is at the time of sale, the more likely you will see significant returns. 
  • Consider a heat pump: Adding a heat pump to your new HVAC unit ensures that your HVAC works for all seasons and can see your new system add value by as much as 7%, even in an area where HVAC might not be a pressing priority. 
  • Always make room for regular maintenance: Without regular maintenance, even a new HVAC system can quickly lose efficiency. If that happens, any potential value increases could fall by the wayside when you come to sell. By comparison, maintenance at least every six months can ensure not only that you’re saving money with a more energy-efficient HVAC unit in general, but also that buyers are more likely to be impressed enough to pay more, even if your HVAC unit is a few years old by the time you come to sell. 

Ultimately, top resale value increases as high as 10% are possible when you invest in the right HVAC system at the right moment. Thanks to our wide range of HVAC units and maintenance plans, the team here at Air Ace Heating and Cooling can help you add value to your home overall when you invest in a new or improved HVAC system by contacting us at 1-309-678-9577 today. 

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