How to Save on Energy Costs with AC Efficiency

How to Save on Energy Costs with AC Efficiency

With US homeowners spending a not-so-cool average of $11million on air conditioners each year, most of us are keen to do what we can to reduce cooling costs in any way possible. This is especially true as experts predict that the majority of us could end up paying as much as $141 per month for energy alone across the coming summer months. The question is, how can you save on energy costs and still enjoy a cool and comfortable home environment when the sun starts shining?

Surprisingly, much of the answer rests with your air conditioning unit itself, which may need a little attention to better serve your energy bills moving forward. After all, an unchecked, inefficient AC unit is never going to operate at its full or cost-saving potential. By comparison, an efficient AC unit can lead to significant energy savings which keep air conditioning costs at a much more reasonable level. 

In this article, we help you enjoy those benefits by considering precisely how you can ensure a more efficient AC unit this summer season. 


# 1 – Service your AC Unit Annually

How to Save on Energy Costs with AC Efficiency

When left unchecked from one year to the next, some degree of air conditioner inefficiency is inevitable, as are the costs that will come along with that when your unit takes far longer to cool even a small room. Worse, when an AC unit is left to struggle without professional attention for an entire season, you may face steep replacement costs on top of those escalating energy bills. This is why seeking a professional service is crucial before you turn your AC on every summer, providing much-needed peace of mind, replacement parts, or system fine-tuning which ensures that your air conditioner is always more efficient than it would be otherwise. 


# 2 – Replace your Air Conditioner with a Higher SEER Unit

Even with regular servicing, your air conditioner will never be as efficient as a new unit that boasts a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). As such, a new air conditioner could also prove highly beneficial for energy savings and cost-cutting. Admittedly, this can involve a rather extreme initial outlay, but the efficiency of an energy-star qualified unit should more than makeup for that by the end of the season. Simply make sure that you’re making the right switch by talking to a trained professional about the ideal efficiency level for your home.


# 3 – Factor for your Filters

How to Save on Energy Costs with AC Efficiency

A clogged filter on your air conditioner can block airflow and significantly hinder energy efficiency, meaning that changing your air filter at least every two to three months during heavy usage can also make a huge difference. Homeowners with furry pets in the house could especially benefit from keeping plenty of spare filters on hand and checking their AC unit regularly to avoid backlogs and blockages that could quickly see energy costs creeping.


# 4 – Consider a Smart Thermostat

How to Save on Energy Costs with AC Efficiency

A smart thermostat that ensures that your AC turns off automatically at relevant periods throughout the day is a whole lot better for energy efficiency than manual processes that leave you at risk of forgetting to turn your air conditioner off all day long. Experts especially predict that savings as high as 10% are possible with the help of a smart thermostat that can automatically set your AC between 7-10 degrees higher when no one’s home, all using pre-programmed settings which are perfectly tailored to your preferred temperatures and requirements. 


# 5 – Spare a Thought for your Air Vents

How to Save on Energy Costs with AC Efficiency

The best, most automated air conditioner will still struggle to reach optimum levels of energy efficiency if it’s continually battling against open-air vents across the home. This is because, while they might not directly impact your air conditioning system like other tips mentioned, closed air vents across more than 10% of your conditioned space can create a pressure imbalance that keeps optimum temperatures at bay. Having to leave your air conditioner on for far longer periods as a result of this can especially lead to a steeper air conditioning bill, as well as an AC unit that’s going to require maintenance, replacement, and repairs far sooner than if you simply kept at least the majority of your home air vents open during hot weather. 

An efficient air conditioner can cut more costs than you know. Simply make sure to implement these steps before summer hits, or contact professionals like our team here at Air Ace who can take care of efficiency for you! 

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