6 Reasons to Purchase a Smart Thermostat


Did you know that heating and cooling your home accounts for almost half of your energy costs each year? That’s a big chunk of your monthly budget! With the installation of a smart thermostat, you can help cut back on some of that energy usage. But energy savings isn’t the only advantage to installing a…

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Why Trade in Your Old Thermostat for a New Wi-Fi Thermostat?

WiFi Thermostat

3 Reasons to Trade in Your Old Thermostat for a New Wi-Fi Thermostat Amazon Echo took the holidays by storm. If you received one of these new devices, but thought you needed to get a new furnace before you could consider getting a Wi-Fi thermostat, think again. Wi-Fi thermostats from Sensi, Honeywell, Nest, or Ecobee…

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