6 Reasons to Purchase a Smart Thermostat


Did you know that heating and cooling your home accounts for almost half of your energy costs each year? That’s a big chunk of your monthly budget! With the installation of a smart thermostat, you can help cut back on some of that energy usage. But energy savings isn’t the only advantage to installing a new smart thermostat in your home this year. Here are six other amazing reasons to purchase a smart thermostat:

1. It Saves You Money

Like other smart home devices, the initial investment when purchasing a smart thermostat might seem a bit higher than a standard thermostat. But, the money you spend on a learning thermostat can help you save money in the long run. That’s because a smart thermostat helps your heating and cooling system work more efficiently by adjusting the temperature of your home according to your family’s habits. By allowing the thermostat to learn the times of day you’re away from your house or when your family is sleeping, for example, it can adjust your home’s temperature to allow your HVAC unit to run less often. That could mean big savings on your utility bills each month.

2. It Helps You Stay In-the-Know

Learning thermostats are great at helping homeowners stay abreast of the inner workings of their home. In addition to receiving alerts when your home’s temperature rises or falls unexpectedly, it can also alert you if your thermostat loses connection to the wireless network. That can help you learn of a power outage or problem with your HVAC unit, even when you’re away from your house. Most smart thermostats also offer homeowners detailed reports of their energy usage each month, including data on how much energy you save thanks to the smart thermostat, as well as your HVAC usage compared to previous months.

3. They’re Not as Expensive as You Think

When we talk about smart home products, most consumers see dollar signs. And while that may be the case for more advanced smart home products on the market, purchasing a learning thermostat won’t break the bank. In fact, Nest and ecobee, two of the most popular smart thermostat brands, offer budget-friendly options that cost less than $200.

4. It’s Easy to Use

We’ve talk to customers who really want to purchase a smart thermostat for their home. But, are worried it will be too complicated to use. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy homeowner, a smart thermostat is fairly easy to use. After it’s installed, you can easily program the thermostat using the simple touch-screen or by installing an app on your phone. Both options have a user-friendly interface that most homeowners find fairly simple to operate.

5. It Works with Other Smart Home Products

Many smart thermostats on the market are part of a large smart home bundle of products that work as a package to make your home more efficient and your life a little easier. The Nest Thermostat, for example, is part of a larger smart-home tech package, which includes security cameras, smoke alarms, security systems, and a smart doorbell. These products all work in conjunction to help you improve your family’s quality of life.

And no matter what brand of thermostat you choose to install in your home, it’s probably already compatible with your home’s smart speaker. Most major learning thermostat brands work well with Amazon’s Echo product line, as well as Google Home.

6. You Can Get a Rebate

Since smart thermostats are great at helping your heating and air conditioning systems run more efficiently, many utility companies are offering customers a rebate on their smart thermostat purchase. Illinois customers can earn a rebate from Ameren when they install a smart thermostat in their home. You can print out a $100 rebate coupon to purchase from a participating retailer or fill out a form to get a rebate check mailed to you after your purchase.

Are you ready to purchase a smart thermostat? Give us a call! We’re happy to discuss the various learning thermostats with you. And, help you decide which one best fits your home.

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